W dniu 8. grudnia 2016 r. o godzinie 10:15

Michał Jachura (KOKiFA, IFT WFUW)

wygłosi wykład pt.

"From two-photon interference to quantum holography"

Recent developements in single-photon-sensitive cameras have substantially stimulated the exploration of quantum phenomena such as ghost imaging or EPR-correlations. It also resulted in the first recording of Hong-Ou-Mandel effect being one of the most direct manifestation of quantum nature of light. In further experiments we observed that the excellent spatial resolution of the camera enables to restore sub-shot noise sensitivity in quantum-enhanced interferometry. Finally we showed that the spatial wavefunction of the unknown photon can be fully recovered from the spatial pattern resulting from its two-photon interference with the reference photon in a scheme similar to optical holography. In my talk I am going to discuss the results of aforementioned experiments and concisely present current research directions related to single photon spatial structure.

Seminarium odbywa się w czwartki w godzinach 10:15–12:00 w sali 2.23 w głównym budynku Wydziału Fizyki UW przy ul. Pasteura 5 (II p.) w Warszawie.
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